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    Casa Antonete Winery was founded in 1956 by 15 wine growers, after successive expansions over the years, now has almost 700 members, with a potential of 4,500 hectares of vineyards producing 30 millions kilogrames of grapes. With the most advanced eonologic techniques to improve the development of our explendid wines. We use American oak barrels and French, in our cellars, with the optimal conditions of humidity and temperature, which are the perfect combination to aging our wines. White wines are made from the varieties Airen, verdejo, chardonnay and Macabeo, while the red wines, which account for 60% of total production, are made from varieties like Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Bobal and Garnacha.


    We are a Wine cellar located in La Mancha (Spain). Our history started in 1.954 elaborating traditional wines but since 10 years ago We decided to bet for a new technology to elaborate young red wines called FLASH VINIFICATION PROCESS, with this natural method our wines are fruitier and have a cleaner nose, extremely soft and less astringent, powerful aromas, also are very easy to drink so are perfect for beginners in the world of wines and have a good gastronomic combination with light meats like Chicken, pasta, salads and Cheese. Year after year our wines are recognized in the most prestigious wine contest.


    EL PROGRESO is the oldest Winemaking Cooperative Company in Spain with uninterrupted activity from its initiation. It was founded in 1917, exactly March 3rd, thanks to the hard work of a small group of farmers concerned about the lack of fair opportunities to process and commercialize their products. It was then established as an agricultural union, and it meant a decent outing to the hard job of farmers that usually felt like they were bound hand and foot when trying to get a fair value for their work. The number of initial associates increased, and the Cooperative obtained better and better results. Thus, after 50 years of activity, in 1967, EL PROGRESO faced a great change that turned it into one of the greatest cooperative companies of its time: Merging with two agricultural Cooperative companies existing in Villarrubia de los Ojos, (La Manchega and La Labradora). Now, after almost one century of tireless labour, we continue with the same spirit of work that initiated this adventure. Many things have changed, for better, until we have created one of the most thriving and prosper industries in the country, but one thing has always been kept through the years: Passion for our land and our fruits, for our people, and a well done job, a legacy from our ancestors. This time, we are bring OJOS DEL GUADIANA BRUT, OJOS DEL GUADIANA GRAN RESERVA, OJOS DEL GUADIANA RESERVA, OJOS DEL GUADIANA CRIANZA, OJOS DEL GUADIANA SELECCIÓN, OJOS DEL GUADIANA SYRAH, OJOS DEL GUADIANA TEMPRANILLO, OJOS DEL GUADIANA AIRÉN, and CUESTA DE ENCARNACIÓN GRAN MERLOT.


    Founded in 1946 “Bodegas La Remediadora” has worked to obtain the best wines. In this way, it counts with modern facilities and the best technology, as well as capacity to elaborate 200.000 Hl. Every year, 10 millions kilograms of grapes are collected and selected, after having been cultivated by their associates in more than 1600 ha of their own vineyards. The main varieties grown by La Remediadora are Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet, Bobal and Tempranillo for reds and Airén, Macabeo, Sauvignon Blanc and Moscatel for whites. The winery counts with modern facilities of grape processing, deposits of different capacities that allow us to ferment large volumes as well as small. Everything constructed in stainless steel and other special materials that guarantee conditions of optimum hygiene and conservation. We counted on 1600 ha of vineyards on a privileged soil, with an argillaceous-limestone, which is ideal for their physical structure and composition. At the moment we elaborate around 10 million litres, with reds accounting for 60% of the production, 5% rose and 35% white wines. We counted a barrel room with more than 400 oak barrels (60% American-40% French) to produce our aged wines as reservas, crianzas and robles wines.


    Vinicola de Castilla, established in 1976, produces fine wines at competitive prices. The Winery is equiped with the modern facilities, with Bottling Plant, bottling 16000 bottles per hour. We export to more than 22 countries and during the last 40 years have achieved more than 500 awards (out of those, more than 100 as first prize). We produce Still Wines, Sweet Wines, Sparkling Wines, Organic Wines. For more information, please clic the link below:


    Our winery is placed in Tomelloso, inside the DO La Mancha (Spain). We have almost 30 years of experience in the sector and we export our wines to several countries, like Germany, China and USA. Yearly, we produce about 18 millions of kilograms from varieties like Airen, Macabeo, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Verdejo, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Garnacha, Petit Verdot, etc. We only work with wines from our own vineyards. We have 2,500 hectareas of vineyards placed in the same area: La Mancha. In our proposal, you can find brands with an important prestige in Europe: Añil, Torre de Gazate and Finca Cerrada. Moreover, we produce a competitive range of modern wines: XTALES!, Dulce Tentatione, AlSur, etc. The key of our wines is the excellent quality-price ratio, guaranteed by our long list of awards in the most important competitions in the world. We want to invite you to visit our website where you can find more information:



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