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    At ALCARDET BODEGAS we honestly believe that each time one of our wines receives an award, the prize goes to hundreds of families who have transmitted their skills from generation to generation. The combination of experience and opportunity. Knowing how to benefit from the right time for harvest, after painstakingly caring for the vines with all the respect necessary for preserving their ecological essence. This is how we make our wines at ALCARDET BODEGAS. They are the fruit of handcrafted processes combined with advanced technology under the supervision of expert oenologists, reposing in the dark silence of our cellars only to emerge full of body and character.


    Bodegas Ayuso was founded in 1947 and is located in the middle of La Mancha. The most depurated techniques have been incorporated, without forgetting the craft tradition, the careful elaboration and ageing. The subsoil of one of the buildings was set up to underground cave, with capacity for 15.000 bordeaux oak casks. In 1.961 we started selling bottled wines, beginning its commercialization expanding our market and our range of products. Nowadays, it is one of the largest producer and bottler of La Mancha wines, with a net distribution of more than 200 wholesalers in the Spanish geography and worldwide, present in the five continents.

  • BOGARVE 1915, S.L.
    BOGARVE 1915, S.L.

    Bogarve 1915, S.L. is a family winery located in Madridejos (TOLEDO), 120 km south of Madrid. The company was founded in 1905, though since 1915 the owning family has been producing wines continuously. Family’s long history, currently in its fourth generation, dedicated to making wine and spirits guarantees their qualities. In 1996 the company starts with its first vineyard plantings in order to ensure not only the quality but also the supply for their bottling. Currently has a vineyard area of about 60 hectares of his property. It has also agreements with suppliers of another 1.500 hectares. In summertime, the winery makes vineyards track not only in their vineyards but also in its suppliers making continuous analysis of their grapes in order to establish the best time to harvest. The harvest is always done at night, to ensure the best temperature to prevent undesired spontaneous fermentation and preserve all of its primary aromas. The winery has modern facilities, which produce annually around 15.000.000 kgs of grapes and has a storage capacity of 19.000.000 liters of wine, all of their tanks are stainless steel and also the machinery for receiving, processing and development of all its products. It also has modern equipment such as: 1.300.000 BTU cooling, inerting equipment for wines and musts with nitrogen and CO2, a laboratory with the latest technological innovations (analysis equipment by infrared, gas chromatography, spectrophotometry allowing comprehensive control of the quality of musts and wines) and qualified staff with great experience.


    Finca La Blanca is a medium size winery family owned. The wine activity of the proprietary family began in the whiteness of the 19th century in Campo de Criptana village (Ciudad Real). In the last years the winery is specialized in young varietals wines and reserve wines. His wine “Monte Don Lucio” is awarded two times as the best young Cabernet Sauvignon of D.O. La Mancha.


    Located in the lush region of La Mancha, Santa Catalina Agricultural Cooperative stands as a reference for food and agriculture in the area. A collaboration of more than 1200 farmers, it is a leader in the development of quality products and also in the protection of La Mancha’s ecosystem. The soil La Solana territory is made up of a diverse variety of terrains, from big prairies and hills with small brooks. It is a landscape with an extensive range of colours, which lend to the wide variety of aromas and tastes that their fruits have. The land is looked after with the greatest care so that it gives its best, each season and each harvest. The fruits We manufacture local varieties such as white Airen and Macabeo and new varieties Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc. In reds, our most important variety is Tempranillo or Cencibel and as new varieties Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The installation The best and most modern producing systems, the most highly qualified staff and our research efforts into new and traditional techniques make our wines so special. Our wines are the result of simply using wooden barrels and patiently waiting until the optimum moment comes.


    Virgen de las Vinas Bodega y Almazara was founded in 1961 in Tomelloso, Spain. We have an average production of 150 million liters of white and red wine a year, bottling around twelve million bottles. Our major clients are located throughout France, Italy and Germany, while we also distribute to other parts of Europe as Japan and China. Our quality wines have been appraised with various international awards. While showing great success, we are looking to expand further.



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